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If I was conceived through IVF (mother’s egg and father’s sperm) will I have trouble conceiving naturally?

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Fertility Nurse Practitioner

There are many different reasons why people end up needing IVF.

These can range from sperm problems, egg problems, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and cancer and chemotherapy to name but a few.

Indeed some people never find out the reason why they can’t conceive at all. Without knowing the reasons why your parents needed to have IVF in the first place, it would be impossible to say whether this would have any impact on your fertility.

If you are worried about this potentially being a problem for you, I would suggest talking to your parents, to try and establish the reasons why they needed IVF, this would then give you more information to take to a fertility specialist if you felt you wanted to.

There are a number of fertility tests that you and your partner could ask for if you find yourselves struggling to conceive. ​These are available at the Sussex Downs Fertility Centre.

Please have a look at our website for further information.