Privately Funding Your Treatment

At The Chelsfield & Sussex Downs Fertility Centre we realise that fertility treatment can be a stressful process. The clinic offers a very unique model of care where you are seen throughout your treatment by your consultant. With privately funded consultant-led treatment, you can select which consultant you would like to deliver your care. By having direct access to your consultant and the rest of the fertility team throughout your treatment, you are free to contact them whatever the time of day or however small your enquiry may be.

With complete flexibility you can plan appointments with your consultant at times best suited to you. The services are available seven days a week.

There are no waiting times and appointments can be booked within a few days.

There are no hidden costs at The Chelsfield & Sussex Downs Fertility Centre and we feel passionate about giving patients excellent levels of care without having to worry about additional services that were not initially included.

Please note: Before all treatment an Initial Consultation must take place to determine which treatment is most suitable for you.

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The Sussex Downs Fertility Centre offers consultant led fertility treatment packages with appointments that are flexible and suit your lifestyle, with appointments available outside of normal office hours and weekends.

Initial consultation (Fertility / gynaecology) £235
Follow up consultation (All appointments) £155
Urology Consultation (A comprehensive urology consultation for men conducted by an experienced consultant) £245

Gynaecology consultation (A full gynaecology assessment and scan completed by an experienced consultant Gynaecologist)


Fertility MOT for couples (Includes a consultation, ultrasound scan, AMH blood tests and semen analysis


Fertility MOT for same sex couples


Fertility MOT for single women/IUI patients (Includes a consultation, Hycosy/saline scan, AMH blood test)


Telephone consultation (Nurse or embryologist)


Additional Services

Private counselling appointments (A 45 minute private counseling appointment with an experienced fertility counselor) £110
Transvaginal Gynaecology ultrasound scan (At time of consultation) £185
Pregnancy viability scan with a Sonographer (Scan for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy performed by an experienced sonographer) £160

Hycosy Scan (Investigative scan with a consultant excludes consultation)


Early pregnancy assessment scan (Completed by consultant)


All the treatment prices include the HFEA fees and monitoring you may require whilst you are having treatment with us, they exclude medication costs (average cost £1000 – £1400) and freezing of surplus embryos.

Please note we do not charge extra for blastocyst culture and IVF may be changed to ICSI as late as the day of egg collection. The difference in cost will be charged accordingly.

1. In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cycle

All monitoring, hormone blood tests, blastocyst, timelapse, monitoring blood tests and follow up consultation or pregnancy scan


2. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

All monitoring, hormone blood tests, blastocyst, timelapse, monitoring blood tests and follow up consultation or pregnancy scan


3. Intrauterine Insemination Unstimulated (IUI)

Includes all scans, monitoring, appointments and sperm preparation

4. Stimulated Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Includes all scans, monitoring, appointments and sperm preparation

5. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle

Includes consultation, all monitoring, hormone tests and scans


6. Egg Freezing

Includes appointments, all monitoring, hormone tests, scans, and one years storage

7. Egg Thawing and Transfer

Includes all appointments, monitoring, ICSI, embryo transfer and follow up consultation

8. Ovulation Induction

Includes all appointments, monitoring, scans and follow up SCAN

Baseline or Follicular scan £180
ICSI £1,000
Cyst Aspiration £795

Use of Donor Sperm / sperm for treatment

Embryo Glue £300

Endometrial Scratch


Embryo/Sperm Freezing (Initial freezing and one year storage)

Short Term Sperm Freeze (30 days) £150
Annual Storage for Eggs, Sperm & Embryos £350
Fertility Transport £300
Rubella £59

Dispensing fee for all medication


Copy of Notes


Refund amount for Cancellation of IUI / FET Cycle (Before procedure booked)


Refund amount for failed FET thaw / IUI Sperm prep


Refund amount for Cancellation of IVF Cycle (before stimulation)


Refund amount for Cancellation of IVF Cycle (after stimulation)


Refund amount for a failed transfer for IVF/ICSI cycles


Transparent & Straightforward Pricing

When you meet with your Fertility Consultant, they will provide a complete package of care tailored to your needs. At this unit, we offer private treatments that are self funded by the patients and NHS funded treatments. Our team can advise you on the funding entitlement.

We offer a range of funding options for IVF and other treatment cycles at The Sussex Downs Fertility Centre, starting from as little as £4,200.

We don’t want you to worry about any hidden costs, so our prices are inclusive and transparent. You do not pay anything extra any for additional monitoring you may require during your treatment with us.

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